Woven and coated High performance Technical Fabrics. Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd is a leading European-based weaver and knitter of glass fibre, aramid and carbon fibre. We also manufacture specialist hybrid fabrics and utilise other fibres, such as stainless steel, in our weaves.

Rubber compounds, Industrial and Technical Rubber Coated Fabrics. Founded in 1911, Fothergill Polycom Ltd (formerly Ferguson Polycom Ltd) manufacture and supply rubber compounds and rubber-coated fabrics from a custom-designed, new facility, in Oldham, Lancashire.

PTFE Coated Fabrics, Tapes and Process Conveyor Belts. Founded by the Fothergill Group in 2003, Fothergill Coated Fabrics Ltd operates the only UK based manufacturing plant coating glass and aramid fabrics with PTFE.

Established in 2013 by the Fothergill Group in order to service the Asia Pacific Region, Fothergill Australia Pty Ltd has a fabrication and material stocking facility in Melbourne, offering the Fothergill range of products, many from stock, or on a swift fabrication basis for quick supply into the region.

The Fothergill Group of Companies, founded in 1847, is a UK based weaver, knitter, PTFE and rubber coater and converter of high performance synthetic and natural textiles, and custom rubber compounder.

With its headquarters in Littleborough, near Rochdale, in England, the Group operates on 6 manufacturing sites through its 4 businesses:

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd

Fothergill Polycom Ltd

Fothergill Coated Fabrics Ltd

Fothergill Australia Pty Ltd

With a policy of continuous investment in research and development, customers, equipment and its people, the Fothergill Group supplies products to processers, converters and end users of products for use in environments ranging from demanding endurance, extremes of heat tolerance and flexibility, to high-end fashion, leisure and sportswear.


Composites UK

25th April 2018, 7.56am

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics has recently become a member of Composites UK.

DEMA 2017

1st November 2017, 7.25pm

Following the success of our first diving exhibition last year, Fothergill Polycom are delighted to be back at DEMA 2017 in Orlando Nov 1st to 4th.

Recent Appointments

24th November 2016, 11.24am

Recent appointments – at Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd on 16th May 2016, Jon Taylor joined as Group IT Administrator.

K Show 2016 Update

31st October 2016, 4.22pm

The Fothergill group are delighted to have participated in another successful K show in Düsseldorf Germany, which started on 19th October 2016, running for 8 consecutive days, ending on 26th October 2016.