The proofing of textiles with rubber has its’ historical roots in the Manchester area, and Fothergill Polycom Ltd has been heavily involved at the forefront in the development of processes and products since 1911.

Coated textiles for protective/leisure clothing, luggage/bags and industrial applications:

  • 2 ply butyl for inflatable products
  • Membrane drysuits for divers
  • Chemical protection suits
  • Silicone coated glasscloth
  • Nitrile coated cottons for glasscloth
  • Viton coated on cotton or glasscloth
  • Pu coated glasscloth
  • Aluminised glasscloth

With the benefit of in-house compounding, Fothergill Polycom Ltd offer a diverse and in many cases specialist and unique range of coated products such as:

  • Natural Rubber/Cotton for use in rain/fashion wear & military survival suits
  • Polychloroprene/Nylon for use in life preserving and military apparel
  • Butyl/Nylon for use in life preserving systems, dry suits, trilaminates and wet suits for leisure and professional diving use
  • Butyl/Polycotton for use in camera bags and hand luggage
  • Polychloroprene/Glass for use in flexible connectors, fire blankets and welding drapes
  • Silicone/Glass for use as fire blankets